Hero for the ZX81

Hi folks,

Someone has coded the famous Atari game ‘HERO’ for the ZX81. Hats off to them, for this awesome conversion.

YouTube blurb………..’

48Kbyte Hires-compatible RAM Expansion
The cassette file fits into 16Kbyte, but after decompression it will occupy around 27Kbytes, and additionally requires 6Kbyte bitmap memory, plus an 8Kbyte buffer for horizontally pre-shifted foreground sprites.
Joystick (wired to A12 line in keyboard matrix)
The game can be also played via Cursor or Q,A,O,P,Space keyboard keys, but a joystick will greatly help to control the game.’

Schön replacement PC Keyboard for the Sinclair QL

Although the standard Sinclair QL keyboard does function ok, there are better alternatives, with the only problem, being that they are no longer manufactured.


It took me 4 months to finally get my hands on a full-stroke replacement keyboard. The model is ‘Schön PC Keyboard’



[Quote] One of the few replacement keyboards that actually replaced the QL keyboard. The original lid of the QL case including the keyboard was removed, and this 64 key keyboard put in their place. The new case top included new LED indicators and the keys themselves were in a pleasant red and grey colour scheme. Replacement keyboards such as this one tended to need an improved IPC chip to reduce keybounce problems.

This product was also sold under the name Keyboard Products, and had some unwanted side effects – alas the connectors which plugged into the motherboard sockets tended to force the sockets slightly wider and as a result render the sockets unusable with a standard keyboard membrane without a spacer.

The only issue was that I had to buy another non-working QL to get my hands on this keyboard. Once it had arrived via Fleabay, I got to work stripping both QL’s down to fit the replacement onto my working machine. All connected, I turned it on and started to test that all the keys were working ok.[Quote]


I then discovered only a few keys were working. I was a wee bit miffed, but the ebay seller did say that it was untested. So my only option was to do a full keyboard strip down.

This is what I found–> half of the wires on both edge connectors were broken and needed to be re-soldered:- Check…Done


But my biggest challenge was to try and fix the damage/burn circuit board :o (


All the keys were now working, apart from the ‘DELETE KEY’ because of the damaged circuit board. So the question was, could I repair it?

I did a quick search on youtube to see if anyone else could suggest fixes and found that Maplin sell a product called a Conductive Pen that allows you to retrace damaged circuit tracks.

All you need to do is draw the track with the pen and allow 45mins for the liquid solder to dry. So I waited and then built the keyboard and Hey Presto…..FIXED :o )